Fatspatrol is an Indian-Canadian artist raised in Dubai.

Growing up with folklore, comic books, literature and general story telling, her work is about making sense of how we experience the world. Predominantly black and white abstracting imagery from nature, her work aims to address universal sentiments that transcend the borders and identities she feels challenged by. With a little bit of poetry.


Visually her work references Indian block printing, illustration, Arabic calligraphy and graffiti. Her work ranges from studio practice involving painting, drawing, digital illustration and installation to painting public walls and street art festivals around the world that often explore social issues relevant to their locations.


Passionate about all of art’s functions and value to  social progress, her work also encompasses outreach projects with challenged communities and youth including projects in India and Jordan. In 2010 Fathima was awarded the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award in Dubai. And in 2011 she founded The Domino, a small business and platform that has helped pave the way for Dubai’s artist community and grass roots movement.

 She has a BA in studio art from U of T and an MA in sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London.

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