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the lessons we learnt (ode to 2015)



with a hint of despair

the lessons we learnt

these attempts to repair

to rebuild, to revisit, to revamp, to agree

that some things hold true

this year there were three:

No 1:

"Don't forget your heart"

I wrote on the wall

In the place of not ever and ever and all

Between the breaths and the clicks

The tragedy and tricks

Don't forget your beating, booming, fleeting, restlessly free


No 2:

"Humour your demons"

When the doorbells of nightmares ring in the night

And disrupt any romance in a moment of slight


Humour your demons

Make them cartoons

Make them your allies and wear them like plumes.

No 3:

We can't let it be

That all we had hoped for and cherished was he

Coz 'We can be heroes"

We can be free

We can float, we can fly, we can marry the sea

So let's not be tragic

Let's reluctantly agree

This year was a lesson

And that lesson was free.


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