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black balloons (ode to 2016)

Fluttering somewhere around and between

Emotional outbursts and almost serene

This year saw us holding our breaths for too long

Exhaling into black balloons

We keep stringing along

Making love to the shadows that make us feel strong

And secretly wondering

Where we went wrong

This wasn't the year for falling in love

You saw them come closer

Gave them a shove

In the tragically romantic black and white blues

There were still moments of tristesse

and lack lustre hues

But this year was an 'us'

It wasn't just me

It was all of our hearts beating hard anxiously

Falling in hope and hoping to flee

The unnerving pit of naivety

So we exhaled in black balloons but eventually

We tied up the ends and remembered to see

Alone we may whisper so eloquently

But we make mountains of molehills

When we are a 'we'

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