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Ode to 2018

It’s time for that poem,

And I can gladly say:

The year that began

Didn’t end the same way!

You see:

I drew a bird in a cape,

Feathers tied tight,

And realized soon

That though a super cape might

Make me feel brave and make me feel strong,

A bird’s wings tied in a knot

= all kinds of wrong.

So I flew.

Sometimes in circles perhaps.

Sometimes upside down

Sometimes back and forth laps.

Because it really isn’t about

Where you end up they say,

But the choices you make

And the rush of each day.

So this year I chose.

I chose to fly.

I chose where I stopped,

And I chose how high.

I didn’t buy into fancier wings,

Red capes and hot rods

And sparkly things.

And in between flying and swooping and all,

I remembered that even when I did fall,

The fall is a pause, don’t forget to hit play

Don’t cape your wings

Nope. Not today.

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